Who We Are

Tax Pro Accounting is the brand of the company Competent Accounting and we offer the following services: accounting, tax, payroll and financial services to small business and individuals.
Our goal is to serve your needs in a professional, prompt, and courteous manner because we care about you and your company’s future.

We truly understand the difficulties of running a growing business and balancing a life outside of work. Our professionals are always ready to help with not only records transactions to keep you financially organized but also provide consultation, analysis and qualified to advise on accounting matters. 

We are here to help your business grow by automating your accounting process and streamlining your daily bookkeeping through implementing modern systems (Quickbooks Online) and easy-to-use tools, providing our clients with 24/7 access to their daily balances, management reports, transaction and payments. 

By improving the overall accounting efficiency of a business, we help our clients save money and time, allowing them to focus on growing their business. 

Our Culture & Values

We are commited in helping out customers reach success. 

Tax Pro Accounting  professionals are dedicated to providing advice and assistance in order for our clients to achieve their accounting goals. 


We provide persoanilized customer service for both self-employed inviduals and small businesses. Our professionals always show accuracy and attention to details for the client accounts and with passion and know-how progress past any complexities regarding personal, financial or corporate business plans.

Whether you’re just getting started and need help organizing your financial transactions, or your an established corporation that needs help cleaning up your records, we are here to help! 


Whether you are a serial entrepreneur, or long term business owner, our progressive approach to workflow and the solutions we implement, are designed to put your personal and business affairs on autopilot. Our services are customized according to your needs and goals, and our shared platform ensures that you always have full access to the work we’re doing.


We understand that many clients prefer a hands-off approach with a guarantee that everything is properly handled. Our processes and systems nevertheless allows you to track and monitor what we do nearly in real time whether your preference is to be actively involved or hands-off.


You’re always in control, and you’re never left in the dark when it comes to the payment side of business management. Whether you want to maintain full authority over payment approval, or would you rather rely on us for payment processing discretion and cash flow management the choice is yours.

After 24 years of international experience:

Carmen A. Vlad founded Tax Pro Accounting

Carmen has 24 years of international experience in corporate and personal accounting, tax, and financial planning . She graduated with a degree in Economic Science and has a master’s degree in psycho-pedagogy in the teaching department.

She has a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Law and Economical Studies, as a licensed economist in the field of accounting and informatics. She worked with corporate and also nonprofit associations in accounting. Has experience with judicial expertise in the field of court and police, law, and order. She has experience in business consultancy, payroll, and business management.

Carmen speaks English, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, and understands Spanish and has been a successful businesswoman since 1997 with multiple awards, certificates, accomplishments, and qualifications.

Let’s Get Started!

Start with a complimentary consultation! Let’s get to know each other; each clients business is assessed on an individual basis. We can then evaluate the number of accounts, volume of transactions, and complexity of your business process to determine the rate and style of service.